The Delphic Killer

He wears a black attire in the darkness which makes him “undetectable”. He stabs them. Not his first victim, he seems to be an expert now. He pierces their chest exactly where the heart should be. But the victims don’t die on the spot as usual. They make it for 2 to 3 months before their dead bodies are found in their rooms. Surprisingly no evidences are discovered. No evidence but a letter.

A letter was written in the victim’s handwriting.  A letter which summed up something. Not even the best investigators are able to break this enigma. They can’t recognize the pattern. Another day, another set of victims. Interesting. The victims are all over the world. The pattern is similar. No evidences but letters. All letters said different things but they all meant something similar. Unable to find any link, investigators start to dig deeper, deeper into their past, hoping to find a pattern there. One was a silent guy, not interacting with anyone. He was too silent to have enemies. Another case was, of a girl, really enthusiastic and outgoing. Hmm, Contrasting cases. Investigators can’t find any common link yet. They thought maybe their academic record can give some hint. Maybe some competitor is guilty. No common links there too. Even the most successful scholars were killed and many mediocre too. So who was responsible? Do they need another Sherlock Holmes to solve this case? No. As you read this, someone else is

stabbed again. Every 40 second, this
killer brings down one human. The assassin has become the cause of most deaths after road injuries. We wear helmets, use seatbelts, install airbags and maintain good roads to avoid road injuries and hence avoid death due to this cause. But preventive measures are really less or negligible in this case. They are not enough.

We heal wounds once we see their symptoms. We scan for internal bleeding. But the victims, in this case, don’t bleed. They show no physical signs. No, scans show no sign of internal bleeding or harm.

So finally the mystery was solved. It wasn’t a person or any creature who is taking so many lives. It’s their own mind, which makes them ready to kill. Ready to kill their own self without even letting others know. The mind keeps forcing them to hide things and finally take steps which are drastic. Steps which could have been stopped if someone had talked to them.
A guy in London wrote in his last letter.
” I am going to London Bridge. If even a single person smiles at me, I won’t jump. “
Sometimes small things can save lives.
So be attentive and don’t let anyone fall into the trap of this unknown mysterious killer.

A Letter To My Favourite Character

Dear Clay,

I know you don’t know me as we have never met. It was always a one way interaction. I know you through those inked letters by Jay Asher. What a great work he did, potraying you as a character. I never met you in person. That’s what I hate about books. They provide you only one way interaction. You are one of my favourite characters as long as I don’t read someone better. You have shown a different side of nerds. Nerds are believed to be socially awkward. But you are different. You were socially awkward too, but you know how to handle it. You know how to handle your feelings and hide them. That’s where you went wrong too. You were too late to admit. And then, when it was your time, you were asked to leave. You should have stayed. You should have stayed just for the sake of your feelings, to express them, to show that no matter what happens you will stay even if you are asked leave.

But I don’t blame you. You were such a goody two shoes. You cannot offend people. Just what the good boys are supposed to do. That’s what Jay Asher wanted from you. A good boy with no stain on his character. Hannah mentioned it in your part of the tape 5B. You were a person with clean image and that’s why she wanted to know you. And then I relate with you so much. Your inability to talk to some specific people. You regret that you should have done something and you are right. But you cannot stop the snow ball from rolling. It kept gathering snow around and then it became so big that noone can stop it. Multiple people were responsible and you were somewhat responsible.

An Ardent Supporter,
Kumar Writes